a night to express
FOEF is a non-profit party initiative that celebrates the freedom of expression. Our parties are explosions of colors, glitters, alluring acts, and intimate experiences, creating a safe(r) space where the inner child is welcome to play. At FOEF, we strive to build a parallel universe that's larger, better, shinier, crazier, more extravagant, loving, and filled with more glitter than reality. FOEF is an ever-evolving kaleidoscope, a whirlwind that goes on and on.
FOEF understands the power of queer and embraces the tradition of celebrating it. It's a practice to uplift others, where the term "non-binary" is elevated by those who wear it with pride and make history by expressing themselves fully. It empowers those who defy the heteronormative rules of society. FOEF uses music, color, dance, rhythm, and creativity as its tools to express oneself in a world that doesn't always understand.
more coming soon.. but check out the insta @foefclub
more coming later....
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