who am I? (an introduction, not the existential question)
Thank you for coming to my website! I want to give you a short description of me, my professional background and career so far. 

I studied Landscape Architecture and Architecture at TU Delft, and now I work as an Architect and Experience Designer. To me, every design project establishes a connection with a larger scale, even down to the smallest details like a doorknob. My designs and research extend across multiple levels of intimacy, from vast landscape networks to the tactile moments within interior spaces. In my work (and life in general) I greatly value sensitivity and attentiveness, ensuring designs that are thoughtfull and non-destructive. 
Characteristic to my work is a playful expressive (visual) style that emerges from an attentive but sharp sense, for both subtle and obvious narratives, revealed by places, spaces, moments and people. My work aims to address essential questions with positivity and empowerment, free from cynicism or judgement, creating meaningful, memorable and energetic moments.
Both within and outside of architecture, I strive to create these moments, with diversity and inclusivity as important almost intrinsic themes. With my own cultural initiative called FOEF // a night to express, I organize expressive club events for queers, leading a team of four. In my role as director/forewoman, I transition from promotional graphic design to applying for grants and writing a code of conduct.
Currently, I have the privilege of teaching at TU Delft's Urban Architecture Masters chair, where I can share my knowledge and passion with students.

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