framing the unexpected
The design for the Coney Hotel aims to capture the rich narratives and sense of place of Coney Island, a special place with a unique blend of energy, absurdity, and intimacy. The design reveals the amusement area’s whole narrative, allowing Coney Island to take the stage throughout the year and creating a fitting experience that is worth remembering. The design captures the essence of the place, allowing visitors to be part of the space and creating an intimate connection with its surroundings
This project was created for my second graduation at TU Delft -  Architecture and the Built Environment - Explore Lab
This design is like a confident creature that isn’t afraid to be in the spotlight but is also humble enough the let its surroundings take the stage. It’s elegant, but strong, crazy but nice. It’s an energetic attraction that can be used to escape to, collecting story after story becoming a relic, with an intimate connection to its surroundings and its users, being honest about its different faces and allowing Coney Island to be so as well.
Experiencing places is a layered adventure in which the place and the visitor enter into an interesting relationship. Visitors take in the place’s rich narratives, or stories. But simultaneously they contribute to creating and building the narrative by being part of the space. Places evolve through time and change within the course of a year, month, day and even hour. Therefore the experience of a place can often seem contrasting.
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When designing for a place, it is important to understand the abundance of stories a place holds and collects. Therefore architects aim to find the narrative, genius loci, or sense of place to interweave through the design. Coney Island is a special place. A place that is abundantly rich with stories. It is both a chimera and a relic. A chimera (is a mythological creature with multiple faces) that shifts and vanishes and reforms right before our eyes. And a relic that has seen so many different stories and has been part of many lives in so many different ways. For most, Coney Island is an energetic escape from daily city life. A place to let go at, within its explosiveness, absurdity and extremity. It’s amusement parks and their rides and attractions seem to be a collection of all bombastic parts of life. However Coney Island also has an intimate side that doesn’t get experienced often, but makes it a truly time-resistant landscape.
The design for the Coney Hotel, reveals Coney Island’s amusement area’s whole narrative in order to benefit city life as a fitting escape from it. It frames unexected moments, allowing Coney Island to take the stage throughout the year, allowing the visitor to experience this, and creating a fitting Coney experience that is worth remembering.
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