van kleine woning met grote rust naar grote woning met nog steeds diezelfde rust 

Located parallel to Meentweg, the small farmhouse named 'Small homes, great tranquility' stands at number 117. This petite farmhouse, dating back to 1790, was commissioned by Elis Wouterse's children. It features a elongated rectangular layout and is constructed with IJssel and Waal bricks, topped with a thatched hipped roof.
As part of a cluster of 5 dwellings along Meentweg, this characteristic house stands out as the only freestanding property with its orientation parallel to the road, which designates it as 'characteristic'.
The proposed construction involves rebuilding the existing dwelling and expanding it. The plan respects the characteristic features of the current house as its foundation. The goal is to enhance the living quality while preserving its distinct appearance. The addition, perpendicular to the current structure, engages in a harmonious dialogue by meticulously considering volume proportions, building heights, and material choices to form a coherent yet intriguing whole.
Thus, the small 1790 dwelling becomes a larger 2021 home while maintaining its inherent tranquility.
This project is created in collaboration with  Jeroen Calis Architectuur + Interieur
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