dancing in a safer space
How can we design adventurous and creative safer spaces?
A co-creatieve design
in collaboration with Emma Hoogenboezem & FOEF
It is important to take a sensitive approach to inclusive spatial design and the social safety within its spaces and how spatiality can positively contribute. How do we create spatial safety?

Through co-creation workshops we asked the participants to help us design the ideal Roodkapje spatial experience for them, which combined with Roodkapje’s mission was translated to a spatial design advice by us.

We brought user experience, brand mission and our skills/passion in facilitating a road to sensitive inclusive spatial design together, to help Roodkapje fulfill their mission not just as a stichting or brand, but also in their spaces.
Spatial designs
Co-creation workshops 
At Stichting Roodkapje in Rotterdam - 2020
The podcast
We are currently offering our services to others interested in improving their (semi-) public spaces. Feel free to send us a message if you are interested or have questions. 
Thank you!
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