Healthy living
The project ‘Van Woonwijk naar Leefwijk’ is a research by design that investigates spatial interventions that can support the new social program of the area. The study identifies new ‘healthy’ lifestyles in which living, meeting and learning is connected to Selwerd’s urban nature. This project hopes these lifestyles can be further elaborated by involved stakeholders and thus, can form a building block for an integrated neighborhood development strategy.
The study presents two scenarios for 2040. The first scenario focuses on reuse of the existing urban structure and a large part of the building stock, the second focuses on demolition and new construction, making it possible to introduce new urban spaces. Both scenarios include new ways of living, with urban gardens as the most important turning point in the development strategy. Small-scale building masses open up a new development perspective, where living, working and play areas are redefined and connected. This makes it possible to develop the neighborhood, step by step and by experiment, in a healthy way.

This presented new future for De Hoogte, makes room for diversity, to where its current urban ‘stroken’ structure in fairly monotonous. A partial renovation and demolition, creates a variation of healthy outdoor spaces that blur the thresholds between the exterior and the interior, making the neighborhood a fordable and porous one.
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